“Decarbonising transportation at scale” – ESG Ireland

XFuelTechnology “Decarbonising transportation at scale” – ESG Ireland

“Decarbonising transportation at scale” – ESG Ireland

XFuel CEO & Co-Founder Nicholas Ball, speaks to Vincent McCarthy, CFA about the impact of low carbon fuel alternatives, sustainability challenges and future goals to bring their unique fuel technology to the next level.


XFuel’s second generation fuel technology allows sustainable biomass waste to be transformed into low-carbon drop-in replacement fuels used in global transportation, including marine, rail, road, and aviation. Nicholas Ball explains how development in fuel alternatives alongside electrification will meet the growing global fuel demand and contribute towards both climate change and decarbonisation.


Our multi-solution approach to climate change and decarbonisation in the liquid fuels market, plays a major role in developing renewable energies and reducing Greenhouse Gasses [GHGs] in the long term, given that the drop-in fuels adhere to the specifications for fossil fuels, they have a ready-to-go perfect product-market fit. – “we believe we could make a noticeable difference in harder to abate sectors where electrification would be tricky or simply is not a viable option.”


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